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I don’t post hate anons I get and stuff like that, Cuz I’m not into that kinda drama but it’s kinda getting to me. I’m not sure if it’s worth it anymore… Just a heads up in case I disappear.


i can stop laughing imfg

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i have multiple questions about this picture

Don’t, it just Jean cross dressing.


i have multiple questions about this picture

Don’t, it just Jean cross dressing.

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I was filming a make-up tutorial when the worst thing that could happen happened

Seeing him again outside Sasha blushed... Thinking of Jeans smile at her the other day she try to play it off in her head when Connie told her she was turning red. With a simple "Goodbye" He ran off after Eren and tackle him to the ground. She looked back at Jean and sigh.




Jean noticed her standing alone, Connie had just been there moment earlier but apparently had been distracted by Eren. Day like this, no reason why they couldn’t be alone together. He hailed her, walking closer and grinning at her. “Hey, sasha! What, no bread or potatoes today?”


"Huh…?" Surprised he pulled back, she turn behind her to see the guys just as they tried to duck behind the corner as not to be seen. Turning a furious shade of red she nod in agreement. "Yeah… Ugh… Sorry about them. Let’s go."

Walking first then feeling Jean come behind her and feel up her body, they ran down the dark hall touching at each other occasionally, rain was pouring outside. Stopping just before an empty room she look at him and blush. “Are we… Gonna, ya know… Fool around?” She asked looking down. She looked up again and kissed his lips, traveling down to his neck and nibble at him, letting him press her body to the wall and get more aggressive with her.

Jean blushed at the question, but  before he could stutter out a flustered answer, she had pushed him into the room and pressed their lips together. Her lips were so soft as they traveled down to his neck, nipping at the tender flesh. He couldn’t help a sharp breath at the jolt it sent to his core. He could feel his pants tightening; not surprising considering a beautiful girl had so willingly led him to pinning her to the wall. 

He slid a hand to the back of her head and pulled her to him, his lips slowly working over hers, pressing his hips against hers, his other arm shifting to the small of her back.

Feeling his pelvis against hers as he pressed tighter to her she was sure her face was burning now, but she kept going with him, their embrace growing more intense. Pulling back for a breath every now and then she suck in air sharply in between locking lips roughly with him. Pulling back one more time she feel his fingers graze over her body, slipping inside her clothes. “Mmm…” Melting into him she smile and try to hold back noise. “Jean…” She said breathlessly, “Go ahead.” She murmured holding him tighter out of embarrassment and lust.


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